Wind farm, Overlooking Columbia River

Industrial Machinery

Our adaptable manufacturing process empowers us to supply a diverse array of geometries in numerous materials. At Gm forging, we recognize the significance of furnishing dependable components for industrial machinery and heavy equipment, which play a pivotal role in sustaining essential industries such as steel production, food processing, and healthcare services.

  • Material Handling Equipment(Forged rings, contoured rings, discs and open die components)
  • Pumps and Valves(Rolled rings and discs for pumps and valves)
  • Transmissions(Rings and open die forgings for gears, trunnions, and pinions)
  • Rotary Equipment(Large tires, trunnions, gears, rolls, shafts, and pinions)
  • Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels(Flanges)