About Us

GMforging is your tailor-made solution partner for free forging, rough machining and heat treatment

Our main activities are carried out include manufacture of metallic products by plastic deformation(free forging), heat treatment of metals and machining operations.

We produce over 15000 tones forged products per year, and the have capacity of forge products up 20 tones.

Our plants specialize in specific forgings and materials using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and the most innovative technology systems.


Euro Per Year





15.000 SQM

Production Area

Forging the Future with Integrity.


Empowering Industries Through Precision Forging Excellence


At [Gmforging], our mission is to be a beacon of innovation and reliability in the marine and machinery industries through the art and science of free forging. We are dedicated to providing superior forged solutions that elevate the performance, safety, and efficiency of our clients’ products. Our commitment to precision craftsmanship, advanced technology, and sustainable practices drives us to deliver forging excellence that exceeds expectations. By fostering collaborative partnerships and continually pushing the boundaries of forging capabilities, we aim to shape a future where industries thrive on the strength of our forged creations.